• Eunice Stoltz

In Photos: 2020

Your perspective determines whether it was a year of defeat or an unprecedented period of opportunity and growth.

Beautiful Mother City. She has seen so much grace, love, hatred, deaths, tears, and scenes of hope, yet she never fails to show off her beauty.

Cape Town, Western Cape

The pandemic: citizens trusting in the local and national government, law enforcers, and private sector to change their own circumstances.

Bellville-South, Cape Town.

A choice. Praying or denying.

(Despite the symbolism of this photo it was quite funny as the uncle who prayed was really screaming over the speaker).

Leonsdale, Elsiesriver, Cape Town.

Rebuild. A large fire ripped through the Imizamo Yethu settlement in Houtbay, leaving hundreds of people homeless in September.

Houtbay, Cape Town.

Always room for one more.

Epping Forest, Elsiesriver, Cape Town.

Signs. Children grow up knowing the different gang-signs. Some already part of one.

Manenberg, Cape Town.

A lion's den. The main quarters of the Americans in Manenberg, Cape Town.

Innovating. The way children on the Cape Flats design their own toys is truly remarkable.

Manenberg, Cape Town.

Fear. You never know when the next gang fight will take place, or the next shooting will start. You do however become good at predicting it. It's a survival skill.

Manenberg, Cape Town.

Don't let anything deter you to smile. Children returning from school.

Manenberg, Cape Town.

Work-ready. A farmworker is ready to face the day's sun in the vineyard.

De Doorns, Western Cape.

Family portrait.

Fisantekraal, Cape Town.

Washing day is always colorful.

Cape Flats, Cape Town.

The Mask. An item every person must have but doesn't.

Manenberg, Cape Town.

Innocence. The pure innocence of this boy's face caught my attention. He was playing alone and wanted someone to play with him. I took a picture and left. To this day I wish I stayed a little longer and played with him.

Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town.

Let's embrace 2021 with a smile.

Manenberg, Cape Town.